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The TruStile logo is available for use by authorized TruStile distributors and resellers. The logo is for use in advertising, marketing collateral and on websites to references your connection with TruStile Doors (for example, stating that you are an authorized reseller of TruStile products). The logo is not for use on products or product packaging. The logo should not be modified and should appear with white space at least equal to the height of the rectangle surrounding the letters “TRU”.

The TruStile logo should not be used as a replacement for text. When referring to TruStile in a heading or sentence, spell out “TruStile” or “TruStile Doors” using capital letters as shown. Do not hyphenate or put spaces in the company name. This will help guide search engines to find the term “TruStile” on your website.

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High-Resolutions Images

The link below contains high-resolution images in RGB and CMYK formats. These are suitable for print and video production. For website use we recommend downloading images from our standard photo gallery.

Unless indicated, images are the property of TruStile Doors. Although not required we ask that you reference or link back to the TruStile website.

High-Resolution Images