Edelman® Leather

When you select a custom material to enhance your door’s design, you won't get any argument from us. At TruStile, custom is what we live for. Substitute any panel with the finest Edelman® leather. Select either a laminate or upholstery finish to refine your design.

Note: In addition to our standard color ways, visit www.edelmanleather.com for hundreds of additional choices.

  • Edelman® Croc Black Leather

    Croc Black

  • Edelman® Croc Marble Leather

    Croc Marble

  • Edelman® Croc Nuts Leather

    Croc Nuts

  • Edelman® Shagreen Caviar Leather

    Shagreen Caviar

  • Edelman® Shagreen Couscous Leather

    Shagreen Couscous

  • Edelman® Shagreen Grey Oyster Leather

    Shagreen Grey Oyster

  • Edelman® Sulky Bridle Leather

    Sulky Bridle

  • Edelman® Sulky Grey Mare Leather

    Sulky Grey Mare

  • Edelman® Sulky Marmalade Leather

    Sulky Marmalade

  • Edelman® Oak Leather


  • Edelman® Old Cherry Leather

    Old Cherry

  • Edelman® Pampas Leather