Fire Doors & Frames

Safety without Compromising Style

Throw away the preconception that you have limited design options for fire-rated openings. With hundreds of styles and unlimited custom capabilities, TruStile ensures you will never sacrifice style when selecting 20- through 90-minute fire doors.

Designed to match non-rated doors

You no longer need to settle for flush doors with plant-on mouldings when it comes to fire doors. All TruStile fire doors feature full panel relief and are carefully engineered to match our non-rated doors. You’ll achieve a clean, consistent look with the same details you demand on your standard doors.

1-¾″ thickness up to 90 minutes

Other manufacturers force you to make the jump to 2-¼″ thick doors for higher fire ratings. Not TruStile. We have specially engineered and tested our fire doors to maintain a standard 1-&frac3¾″ thickness up to a 90 minute fire rating.

20-minute fire-rated glass doors

With TruStile, you never have to sacrifice style for fire door safety. Now you have the flexibility to specify glass doors in 20-minute ratings. Virtually all of TruStile’s TS series and one-lite FL and PL series doors are available with 20-minute ratings.

Custom capabilities

TruStile can work almost any custom design feature into our 20- through 90-minute doors. Send us your desired design and fire rating and our engineers will show you how we can carry it through all of the doors on your project.

Detailed Fire Ratings

Maintain Design Consistency

Maintain Design Consistency. Profiles on fire-rated doors have true depth and definition, not plant-on mouldings. Stile and rail dimensions can be matched between standard and fire-rated doors

20-minute TS4100 glass fire door

TS4100 with fire-rated glass

Fire-Rated Glass Doors

TruStile is pleased to add 20- to 90-minute fire-rated glass to its comprehensive lineup of fire doors.

With TruStile, you never have to sacrifice style for fire door safety. Virtually all of TruStile’s stile and rail panel door configurations are available in up to 90 minute ratings. And now, you have the flexibility to specify glass doors in up to 90 minute ratings.

Fire-rated glass doors are the perfect solution for offices, conference rooms and lobbies where a fire door is required by code but a glass door is desired for aesthetics.

TruStile’s fire-rated glass doors are built with the same premium construction as TruStile’s other stile and rail doors.

  • Available to meet Category A and Category B requirements
  • Hose stream-approved glass can be specified
  • Available with any of TruStile’s standard sticking profiles
  • Over 120 standard door styles
  • Available with arch- or radius-shaped glass
  • Custom door styles available
  • Maximum glass area over 3,000 square inches

A Fire-Rated Wood Frame System That Complements Your Doors

Most commercial fire-rated openings feature hollow metal frames that do not match the non-rated doors with which they are paired. TruStile offers a revolutionary new frame system that provides the desired appearance of natural wood in 20- through 90-minute fire ratings. This means that TruStile wood and MDF fire doors can now be paired with a matching frame in any stain-grade wood species or paint-grade poplar. The result is a uniform architecturally-correct look on all doors, frames and millwork across a project.

Fire-rated jambs can be veneered in any stain-grade wood species. Adjustable clip anchors ensure ease of installation.

Fire-rated wood frame system

Benefits of TruStile’s fire-rated wood frame system include:

  • Fire ratings up to 90 minutes
  • Veneered in any stain-grade wood species to match doors and millwork
  • Availability in any size (up to 8 feet tall) for single and pair openings
  • Virtually any width to accommodate varying wall thicknesses
  • Adjustable clip anchorage providing quick and easy installation
  • Patented construction, providing positive pressure fire ratings when paired with either positive pressure or negative pressure doors and hardware

Fire-Rated Frame Specifications