TM13340 with Wide Stiles

TM13340 with Standard Stiles

TM13340 with Asymmetric Stiles

Series: TruStile Modern (TM) Series

Application: Interior


Thickness: 1-3/8"1-3/4"2-1/4"

Available Fire-Rating:

Modern Profile Options

One-Step (OS) Profile
Not available with leather or glass panels.

Modern Sash Options

Square Stick (SS) Sash
One Step (OS) Sash
Square Stick (SS) Compression Fit Sash
Not available with leather panels. Glass cannot be replaced on compression fit doors.

Modern Reveal Options

1/8" Radius Reveal
1/4" Kerf Cut Reveal

Profile Options

Square Stick (SS) Profile
Not available with leather panels. Glass cannot be replaced on compression fit doors.
Cross section of door made with MDF

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

At TruStile, we’re innovators, not imitators. That’s why we pioneered the use of MDF (medium density fiberboard) as a preferred material for painted door applications due to its advantages over alternative materials like natural wood. Since we introduced our stile and rail MDF doors to the market, we have seen many impersonators.

Wood Species

  • BambooBamboo
    TruStile Reserve Only
  • BirchBirch
  • CherryCherry
  • Sugar PineClear Pine
  • Wire-Brushed PineClear Pine (Wire-Brushed)
  • Douglas FirVertical Grain Douglas Fir
  • Wire-Brushed Douglas FirVertical Grain Douglas Fir (Wire-Brushed)
  • Hickory
  • Knotty AlderKnotty Alder
  • Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)LVL
    TruStile Reserve Only
  • African MahoganyMahogany
  • Poplar
  • Red OakRed Oak
  • Wire-Brushed Red OakRed Oak (Wire-Brushed)
  • Select AlderSelect Alder
  • WalnutWalnut
  • WengeWenge
    TruStile Reserve Only
  • White MapleWhite Maple
    White Maple is not recommended for low humidity environments, prone to checking and cracking.
  • Quarter Sawn White Oak
  • White Oak (Wire-Brushed)
  • Standard Clear GlassClear
  • Bevel GlassBevel
  • Frosted GlassFrosted
  • White Lami GlassWhite Lami
  • Arctic GlassArctic
  • Brushed GlassBrushed
  • Clear Leaf glassClear Leaf
  • Dash GlassDash
  • Delta Frost
  • Flow GlassFlow
  • Glue Chip GlassGlue Chip
  • Groove GlassGroove
  • Master Carre glassMaster Carre
  • Narrow Reed GlassNarrow Reed
  • Obscure GlassObscure
  • Pinstripe GlassPinstripe
  • Quadra GlassQuadra
  • Rain GlassRain
  • Reeded GlassReeded
  • Satin Barcode
  • Seedy Wash GlassSeedy Wash
  • Shoji GlassShoji
  • Spun GlassSpun
  • Tuxedo GlassTuxedo
  • Wave GlassWave
  • Whirl GlassWhirl
  • Bronze Fibers MirrorBronze Fibers Mirror
  • Bamboo Rings 3form ResinBamboo Rings
  • Capiz 3form ResinCapiz
  • Cirque 3form ResinCirque
  • Fossil 3form ResinFossil
  • Gingko Thatch 3form ResinGingko Thatch
  • Paper Cut 3form ResinPaper Cut
  • Thatch
  • Ting Ting 3form ResinTing Ting

Edelman® Leather

  • Edelman® Croc Black LeatherCroc Black
  • Edelman® Croc Marble LeatherCroc Marble
  • Edelman® Croc Nuts LeatherCroc Nuts
  • Edelman® Shagreen Caviar LeatherShagreen Caviar
  • Edelman® Shagreen Couscous LeatherShagreen Couscous
  • Edelman® Shagreen Grey Oyster LeatherShagreen Grey Oyster
  • Edelman® Sulky Bridle LeatherSulky Bridle
  • Edelman® Sulky Grey Mare LeatherSulky Grey Mare
  • Edelman® Sulky Marmalade LeatherSulky Marmalade
  • Edelman® Oak LeatherOak
  • Edelman® Old Cherry LeatherOld Cherry
  • Edelman® Pampas LeatherPampas

Chemetal® Metal Inserts

  • Brushed AluminumBrushed Aluminum
  • Brushed Brass
  • Brushed Bronze
  • Hammered Argenta
  • Hammered Cobblestone
  • Hammered Reptilian
  • Aurora metalPatina Aurora
  • Chemetal Canterbury 315Patina Canterbury
  • Monet 340Patina Monet
  • Serpentine
  • Chemetal Venetian Vertical 226Venetian Vertical