Revit 3D Model Library

The TruStile Revit families provide additional features that are not available in stock door families. TruStile Revit families are parametric models that let users modify door height, width and thickness, 14 wood species or MDF, 11 sticking and 6 panel options, substitution of a panel for clear or frosted glass plus specifying the exact height, width and location of all the stiles and rails on a door.

For assistance or questions regarding the TruStile 3D models, please use our contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.

TruStile Revit Door Model Instructional Videos

Getting Started with TruStile Models

Families & Panels, Visibility & Graphics and Tags

Door Behaviors

In order to properly place TruStile door models into Revit, you must first download either the TruStile Single or Double Swing door family (the door behavior), then download additional door elevations (door panels). There are over 40 TruStile door elevation models. Once these are loaded into your project you can easily swap out TruStile door panel styles for each another. Additionally, a basic frame model has been created to provide a door jamb for your convenience.

Door Schedules

A preformatted door schedule and panel schedule is available as a download too. Once you download the schedule project file (a Revit project file) you can use the “Insert from File” feature to extract one or both schedule and add it to your own project. A related “Shared Parameters” file is available to make it easier to match other door content with TruStile doors.