Frequently Asked Questions

Trustile Doors are sold through a national network of independent dealers. near you for quoting and ordering information.

No, TruStile Doors are sold through our dealer partners. These professionals can answer your questions regarding installation, sizing, features and options, warranty, service and pricing. .

Designed to the highest level of quality, TruStile Reserve Wood Doors are the ultimate expression of luxury for today’s interiors. TruStile Reserve Wood Doors are constructed with an engineered panel, LVL rails and stiles, plus a proprietary color matching and grading system ensures unmatched beauty.

TruStile Wood Doors are made in the authentic stile and rail manner that uses a premium mix of materials that exceed industry standards for a truly natural look. They are manufactured with an engineered stave lumber core, traditional dowel construction and a premium color and grain pattern matching system.

TruStile offers over 500 door styles but can also custom design any style. We love to do historical matches. Just send us a photo of your current door and we will provide a CAD drawing of a match.

Most any of our glass, resin, metal and leather options can be used to replace any panel in our TruStile panel (TS series) and Tru&Modern™ (TM series) interior doors. Don’t find one that you like? We can custom order most any material as an insert.

TruStile Doors are pleased to offer a to the original owner.

TruStile Doors offer fire doors in 20-, 45-, 60- and 90-minute ratings.

TruStile Doors offer glass fire doors in 20-, 45-, 60- and 90-minute ratings dependent on the area of glass exposed.

Leather and metal inserts can also be used to replace any square or rectangular panel on any of our TruStile panel (TS Series) interior doors.

Dusting is the preferred method to care for your TruStile Doors.

TruStile ships all MDF doors factory primed so that they can be finished on site. TruStile wood doors can be pre-finished in 11 different stain options. TruStile Reserve™ wood doors are only shipped after they have been hand sanded and inspected so they are ready to be finished on site.

TruStile uses only the highest quality MDF in our doors. For painted applications, our high quality MDF is actually better than using natural wood for the following reasons:


  • MDF is much more stable than natural wood due to its engineered construction which prevents common wood door problems like panel shrinkage and warping.
  • MDF paint application is much more smooth than natural wood.
  • MDF is denser than natural wood, providing superior swing weight and sound control than natural wood.