Architectural Styles - Traditional

Cape Cod | Four Square | Ranch

TS4000 in MDF with custom sticking and raised panel

TS4000 in MDF with Cove & Bead (CB) sticking and Raised (A) panel

Broadly defined, Traditional or vernacular architecture is viewed as a conservative way of building homes to retain the style and beauty of a particular community based on the localized design and historic context. On the East Coast, this style is most often associated with Cape Cod, Shingle or Americana styles, while in the Western U.S. the American Ranch style is predominant.

TruStile’s Traditional series reflects the classic and historic design ideas of an earlier time and place.

Profile Suggestions

Cove & Bead (CB) sticking with Raised (A) panel

Quarter Bead (QB) sticking with Flat (C) panel

Quarter Round (QR) sticking with Raised (A) panel

Material Suggestions


Clear Pine



Insert Suggestions

Bevel Glass

Rain Glass

Reeded Glass

Whirl Glass

Suggested Door Styles