Leather Inserts

When you select a custom material to enhance your door’s design, you won't get any argument from us. At TruStile, custom is what we live for. Substitute any panel with the finest leather. Select either a flat or padded appearance to refine your design.

Note: In addition to our standard color ways, visit www.edelmanleather.com for hundreds of additional choices.


  • Edelman® Croc Black Leather

    Croc Black

  • Dashing Old Sterling leather

    Dashing Old Sterling

  • Edelman® Shagreen Café Latte leather

    Shagreen Café Latte

  • Edelman® Shagreen Caviar Leather

    Shagreen Caviar

  • Edelman® Shagreen Couscous Leather

    Shagreen Couscous

  • Edelman® Shagreen Grey Oyster Leather

    Shagreen Grey Oyster

  • Edelman® Sulky Grey Mare Leather

    Sulky Grey Mare

  • Wagon Lit Milk & Cookies

    Wagon Lit Milk & Cookies

  • Wagon Lit Newest Navy

    Wagon Lit Newest Navy

  • Wagon Lit Sonic

    Wagon Lit Sonic