Factory Finishing

Wood doors are all available with a premium hand-wiped finish that accentuates the natural beauty of our doors. As an added benefit, we actually finish the edges of all of our panels before they are inserted into our doors. This eliminates the chance that any unfinished wood will become exposed around the edge of the panel if exposed to low humidity conditions.

Factory Finishing Details

Center Panels — Center panels are individually machine-sanded and then carefully hand-sanded before the door is assembled. Raised panels are then pre-finished (stained) on the profiles so that natural expansion/contraction can occur without revealing unfinished wood before the door is assembled.

Assembled Doors — Doors are machine-sanded, hand-sanded and rotary polished to develop an exceptional surface that is ready to finish. A transparent stain is sprayed over the surface of the wood and allowed to penetrate and develop the grain. The stain is then hand-wiped to accentuate the natural beauty and clarity of the wood and allowed to air-dry.

Catalyzed Sealer — A protective, catalytic sealer, chosen for its excellent adhesion, moisture resistance and sealing qualities, is applied with airless spray and then oven-baked for durability. Once the sealer has oven-cured, the surface is fine-sanded by hand to develop a satiny-smooth surface for the topcoat.

Catalyzed Conversion Varnish Finish — A tough, catalytic conversion varnish topcoat is applied with airless spray and then oven-baked for exceptional durability. This catalyzed, conversion varnish finish and oven-curing system was chosen to provide an exceptionally beautiful finish luster that is impervious to moisture and virtually all household chemicals. A TruStile finish protects your doors and millworks from scratches, nicks and dents and provides a beautiful, smooth and durable finish.


Clear Pine
Douglas Fir
Red Oak*
Select Alder
White Maple
White Oak*
Amaretto stain on cherry
Amaretto stain on hickory
Amaretto stain on mahogany
Amaretto stain on select alder
Amaretto stain on walnut
Cameo stain on clear pine
Cameo stain on douglas fir
Cameo on White Maple
Cappuccino stain on cherry
Cappuccino stain on hickory
Cappuccino stain on walnut
Caramel stain on cherry
Caramel stain on hickory
Caramel stain on mahogany
Caramel stain on red oak
Caramel stain on select alder
Caramel on White Maple
Caramel stain on white oak
Champagne stain on cherry
Champagne stain on clear pine
Champagne stain on douglas fir
Champagne stain on hickory
Champagne stain on red oak
Champagne stain on select alder
Champagne stain on walnut
Champagne stain on white maple
Champagne stain on white oak
Cinnamon stain on cherry
Cinnamon stain on mahogany
Cinnamon stain on poplar
Cinnamon Stain on Red Oak
Cinnamon stain on select alder
Cinnamon stain on walnut
Cinnamon stain on white oak
Espresso Stain on Birch
Espresso Stain on Mahogany
Espresso Stain on White Maple
Espresso Stain on White Oak
Grey Mist     
Hazelnut stain on cherry
hazelnut stain on clear pine
Hazelnut stain on douglas fir
Hazelnut stain on red oak
Hazelnut stain on walnut
Hazelnut stain on white oak
Honey stain on cherry
Honey stain on clear pine
Honey stain on douglas fir
Honey stain on hickory
Honey stain on red oak
Honey stain on select alder
Honey stain on white maple
Honey stain on white oak
Nutmeg stain on cherry
Nutmeg stain on hickory
Nutmeg stain on mahogany
Nutmeg stain on red oak
Nutmeg stain on select alder
Nutmeg stain on white oak
White Haze     
White Haze Stain on Mahogany
White Haze Stain on Select Alder
White Haze Stain on Walnut
White Haze Stain on White Oak