Panel Doors

TruStile offers the industry-leading selection of interior panel doors, available in both paint-grade MDF or stain-grade wood, with a broad range of panel and sticking profiles to match any architectural style.

TruStile (TS) Series

Over 100 architecturally-correct panel designs, with one- to nine-panel configurations

V-Groove (VG) Series

Doors with a rustic, tongue-and-groove look that emulates plank doors

Tambour (TMB) Series

Contemporary doors made with state-of-the-art CNC routing technology

Design (CD) Series

An eclectic collection of custom designs spanning a variety of architectural styles

Frequent Questions About Panel Doors


What should you consider when selecting the best wood species for your panel door?

At TruStile, we believe materials matter. Choosing the right wood species for a panel door can define a door’s style, feel, and durability &mdash elevating and enriching the design of a space.
Functional considerations are also essential. All TruStile doors are made from the finest natural materials; some species, however, are better suited for specific environments than others. For example, maple wood is susceptible to shrinkage in drier climates, making other species a more sustainable option in those areas.

What are Raised Panel Doors?

As opposed to flat panel doors, a popular choice for shaker door design, raised panel doors are more traditional and have more dimension. The panels of these doors connect to its stiles and rails, while the center of the panel is higher than where the panel meets the sticking. TruStile has several sticking options to pair with a raised panel &mdash leading to extensive design versatility.
Our TS Series features over 100 architecturally-correct panel door designs &mdash with 1- to 9- panel configurations and options for flat and raised panels to meet specific design requirements. Explore our TS Series doors here.

What are Flat Panel Doors?

While raised panel doors feature complex, detailed panel designs, flat panel doors feature smooth, level panels. With straight lines and sharp angles, flat panel doors complement streamlined, modern design aesthetics &mdash consider pairing with a Square Stick (SS) sticking or Quirk (QM) moulding for additional modern detail.

Can you add glass inserts to Panel Doors?

Yes, you can add glass inserts to TruStile panel doors. When designing using our TS series doors, most panels can be substituted for a glass insert. Doors can even feature full-length mirrors built into the back of the doors — ideal for spaces such as walk-in closets, bedrooms, and bathrooms.
Looking for a more dynamic glass insert? Our PL (Panel Lite) Collection incorporates glass panels directly into the design — creating bold door styles, perfect for a dramatic visual impact.

What makes TruStile Panel Doors a better choice?

TruStile believes well-designed doors don’t just transform a space, but how people feel inside it,. This mindset extends to every door we build; we ensure each of our doors are built using the highest quality materials, made to order without shortcuts, and designed to elevate every sense.
Our panel doors feature over 100 architecturally-correct panel door styles, including 1- to 9-panel configurations for flexible design versatility. Panels within any of these styles can be additionally customized with inserts of your choice — including glass, resin, leather, and metal.

What is the difference between a Flush Door and Panel Door?

The difference between flush doors and panel doors lies in their construction.
TruStile flush doors are flat across the surface and built with an extremely stable LSL core. Wood flush doors have ⅝″ hardwood lumber bands around all four sides — veneers are ⁄" thick and hand-matched to optimize the beautiful character found across each species of natural wood. For a sleek look in painted applications, TruStile's MDF is the best material to use.
TruStile panel doors are made with authentic stile and rail construction. Door components can be customized and combined to create multiple door styles while maintaining crisp details and architecturally-correct lines.Panel doors are stylistically diverse&thinsp— ranging in terms of panel number and panel design.

How do I get a quote and order your Panel Doors?

We sell our doors through a nationwide network of qualified TruStile dealers. To find one near you, browse our TruStile Dealer Locator.

Do you offer a prefinished Panel Door?

Wood interior panel doors are all available with a premium hand-wiped finish that accentuates the natural beauty of our doors. As an added benefit, we actually finish the edges of all of our panels before they are inserted into our doors. This eliminates the chance that any unfinished wood will become uncovered around the edge of the panel if exposed to low humidity conditions. MDF doors are sent out primed and will need to be painted on site.

Can I get a non-standard size Interior Panel Door?

Yes, all of our panel doors are made to order to your exact specifications. We don’t carry any doors in stock so all sizes are built with the dimensions you provide. Certain extra tall or extra wide doors might be subject to warranty — please contact a local TruStile Dealer for more information or use our Door Design Tool to see product rules

How much do your Panel Doors weigh?

Due to the construction method and high-quality materials used to make our panel doors, they are much heavier than most others. This is important to factor when selecting sliding hardware to ensure it can support the weight of our doors. We calculate the approximate weight by multiplying the square footage of the door by 5.5 for 1-&frac3/; ” thick doors, by 7 for 1-¾” thick doors, and by 12 for 2-¼” doors. So for example, a 3’ × 9’ × 1-¾” door would weigh approximately 189 pounds (27 × 7).