Premium-Grade MDF

At TruStile®, we’re innovators, not imitators. That’s why we pioneered the use of MDF (medium density fiberboard) as a preferred material for painted door applications due to its advantages over alternative materials like natural wood. Since we introduced our stile and rail MDF doors to the market, we have seen many impersonators. Here’s why you should demand authentic TruStile MDF doors for your project:

Our MDF doors are the only ones built with solid MDF and authentic stile and rail construction.

  • Not routed and filled with cheaper core materials like most MDF alternatives
  • Designed to provide superior, architecturally-correct details
  • All doors come with a limited lifetime warranty

We use only super-refined MDF, providing unrivaled smoothness and finishing.

  • Never constructed with cheap, low density fiberboard like many alternatives

We offer any custom design or size with short lead times.

  • Not limited to a few styles and standard sizes
  • No up-charge or extended lead times

MDF is comprised of recycled post-industrial wood products such as hog wood chips, wood shavings and even MDF fiber

What is MDF and what are its advantages?

  • MDF is an engineered wood product made from recycled and recovered wood fiber
  • More environmentally friendly than wood doors
  • More stable and durable than wood doors
  • Smoother surface for painting than natural wood
  • More affordable than wood doors