Product Data Sheets

The data sheets below have been compiled to provide technical information on each of TruStile’s main product categories.

To learn more about specific door styles, materials and profiles, please visit our product catalog.

Standard Non-Rated Doors:

MDF Doors
Non-Rated Interior MDF Panel Doors
Non-Rated Interior MDF Glass Doors
Non-Rated Exterior MDF Panel Doors
Non-Rated Exterior MDF Glass Doors
Wood Doors
Non-Rated Interior Wood Panel Doors
Non-Rated Interior Wood Glass Doors

20-Minute Fire-Rated Doors:

MDF & Wood
20-Minute Fire Doors
MDF &Wood
20-Minute Fire-Rated Glass Doors

45-Minute Fire-Rated Doors:

MDF & Wood
45-Minute Fire Doors

60-Minute Fire-Rated Doors:

MDF & Wood
60-Minute Fire Doors

90-Minute Fire-Rated Doors:

MDF & Wood
90-Minute Fire Doors