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TS7010 in MDF with Roman Ogee sticking and raised panel

TS7010 in MDF with Roman Ogee (OG) sticking and Raised (A) panel

  • A variety of architectural styles developed throughout the 18th and 19th centuries as the English, Dutch, Germans and French settled in America.
  • Characterized by symmetry and balance, formal surface design and ornamentation with special attention to doors and windows.
  • Authentic TruStile doors from the Colonial collection provide classic grace and elegance along with an early American sensibility.

Profile Suggestions

Roman Ogee (OG) sticking with Scoop (B) panel

Cove & Bead (CB) sticking with Scoop (B) panel

Quarter Bead (QB) sticking with (A) panel

Material Suggestions





Insert Suggestions

Bevel glass

Seedy Wash glass

Oak leather

Pampas leather