Mid-Century | Usonian | Googie

TM6100 in MDF with Paper Cut resin

TM6100 in MDF with One Step (OS) sash and Paper Cut resin inserts

  • Early Modern architecture took root in the U.S. in the 1920s and reached its peak in the mid 20th century.
  • Characterized by simplification of form, an absence of ornate detail and a belief “less is more”, Modern style has streamlined horizontal lines and uses industrial materials such as concrete, steel and glass.
  • TruStile’s Modern Door Collection is centered around crisp, stacked rails, clean strong lines, oversized stiles, custom design options and bold accents.

Profile Suggestions

1⁄8″ Radius reveal

1⁄4″ Kerf reveal

Square Stick (SS) sticking with Flat (C) panel

Material Suggestions





Insert Suggestions

White Lami Glass

Capiz Resin

Patina Monet Metal

Brushed Aluminum Metal