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TS7010 in MDF with Roman Ogee sticking and raised panel

TS7010 in MDF with Roman Ogee (OG) sticking and Raised (A) panel

Colonial architecture includes a variety of architectural styles developed throughout the 18th and 19th centuries as the English, Dutch, Germans and French settled in America. Many of these styles are characterized by symmetry and balance, formal surface design and ornamentation with special attention to doors and windows.

Authentic TruStile doors from the Colonial collection provide classic grace and elegance along with an early American sensibility.

Profile Suggestions

Roman Ogee (OG) sticking with Scoop (B) panel

Cove & Bead (CB) sticking with Scoop (B) panel

Quarter Bead (QB) sticking with (A) panel

Material Suggestions





Insert Suggestions

Bevel glass

Seedy Wash glass

Oak leather

Pampas leather

Suggested Door Styles