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AD1030 in LVL with Gingko Thatch resin

AD1030 in LVL with Square Stick (SS) sticking, Flat (C) panel and Gingko Thatch resin

Contemporary architecture is the current building style of today. Current characteristics of contemporary homes are unique or odd shaped frames, open floor plans, oversized windows, connected indoor and outdoor spaces and warm interiors.

TruStile’s Contemporary series is an eclectic collection that borrows ideas from different eras. Popular elements are clean lines and the use of natural, on-trend materials.

Profile Suggestions

1⁄8″ Radius reveal

Roman Ogee (OG) sticking with Raised (A) panel

Square Stick (SS) sticking with Flat (C) panel

Material Suggestions

Sample of medium density fiberboard (MDF)


Sample of laminated veneer lumber (LVL)


Sample of walnut


Sample of rift sawn white oak

Rift Sawn White Oak

Insert Suggestions

Brushed Brass metal

White Lami glass

Gingko Thatch resin

Wagon Lit Newst Navy leather

Suggested Door Styles