Mid-Century | Usonian | Googie

TM6100 in MDF with Paper Cut resin

TM6100 in MDF with One Step (OS) sash and Paper Cut resin inserts

Early Modern architecture took root in the U.S. in the 1920s and reached its peak in the mid 20th century. Characterized by simplification of form, an absence of ornate detail and a belief “less is more”, Modern style has streamlined horizontal lines and uses industrial materials such as concrete, steel and glass.

TruStile’s Modern Door Collection is centered around crisp, stacked rails, clean strong lines, oversized stiles, custom design options and bold accents.

Profile Suggestions

1⁄8″ Radius reveal

1⁄4″ Kerf reveal

Square Stick (SS) sticking with Flat (C) panel

Material Suggestions





Insert Suggestions

White Lami Glass

Capiz Resin

Patina Monet Metal

Brushed Aluminum Metal

Suggested Door Styles