Art Deco

Art Moderne | International Style

TMB6120 in MDF with Bevel profile

TMB6120 in MDF with Bevel profile

The Art Deco Design style flourished in the 1930s and 1940s before waning after WWII. It is eclectic style characterized by decorative elements, geometric shapes and the use of metal and glass.

The TruStile door styles combine modern European design ideas introduced in France with the romance of 1930s Hollywood.

Profile Suggestions

Square Stick (SS) sticking with Flat (C) panel

Bolection (BM) Moulding with Raised (A) panel

Half-round Tambour Profile

Material Suggestions

MDF / Paint-Grade


White Maple


Insert Suggestions

White Lami Glass

Brushed Aluminum metal

Reeded glass

Cirque resin