TM9320 doors with White Lami glass add a modern finish to this guest room

2017 New American Home

A unique interior door package for the New American Home debuted at IBS 2017

TruStile partnered with the National Association of Home Builders and designer Phil Kean to deliver a one-of-a-kind interior door package for The New American Home at the 2017 International Builders’ Show.

At TruStile, our mission is to make spaces more distinctive, authentic and special. Sponsorship of The New American Home and The New American Remodeled Home allowed us to bring our mission to life. We had the unique opportunity to collaborate with a preeminent modern architect and create a door package for a ground-up new construction project and a remodel. Too often today, even in high-end custom homes, interior doors are an afterthought in the design process. With this project, we were able to demonstrate the impact that well-designed doors can have on the interior of a home.

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Phil Kean Designs
Interior Design
Phil Kean Designs
Phil Kean Designs

A modern take on classic stile and rail construction. Stacked rails create clean lines and sleek profiles.

White Lami glass creates total privacy while adding a modern aesthetic. This closet door features a mirror on the back side for functionality and style.

Add a mirror to the back side of any panel door to add functionality and a unique design option

TMIR6000 in Walnut with 1/4" kerf cut reveal and concealed hinges has clean lines for an ultra modern look

Ultra sleek TMIR6000 in Walnut with 1/4" kerf cut and concealed hinges.

Oversized TM13000 doors make dramatic entrances to each bedroom. They are matched by a TM13000 barn door for the master closet.

Matching TM9320 doors with White Lami glass add a modern finish to this guest room